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Past NCSD Newsletters

  • January 2017 – DeVos Vote Delayed, Final Acts from the Obama Department of Education, Member Spotlight: Magnet Schools of America, Columbia Teachers College Summer Institute for Teaching the New Majority


  • December 2016 – DeVos Nominated for Secretary of Education, NYC Councilman Proposes Office of School Diversity, NCSD Members Speak Out Regarding Civil Rights and the Election, New Grants from U.S. Department of Education


  • November 2016 – NCSD Statement Regarding the Election of Donald Trump, School Integration Conference in Detroit, New York City Releases Second Annual School Diversity Report, NCSD Releases Updated Research Brief 5


  • October 2016 – School Diversity in Action Conference, New NCSD Issue Brief 7


  • September 2016 – A preview of Ending Zero Tolerance: The Crisis of Absolute School Discipline, Non-Regulatory Guidance: Using Evidence to Strengthen Education Investments, Non-Regulatory Guidance: English Learners and Title III, What Works Clearinghouse Website Updated


  • August 2016 – Every Student Succeeds Act Regulatory Action, U.S. Secretary of Education Promotes the Stronger Together School Diversity Initiative in Hartford, CT, Magnet Schools of America Fights for Magnet Funding


  • July 2016 – Stronger Together Bill Introduced, The Spirit of Brown, MSAP Funding in Trouble, Student Activism in NYC, School Desegregation and Accountability


  • June 2016 – Stronger Together Hill Briefing, Diversity and Opportunity Listening Session, and Joint Letter from ED, HUD, and DOT, Fisher v. Texas Decision, New Civil Rights Data Collection Set, New OCR Report: Delivering Justice, ESSA: Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, New Proposed SES Priority for Discretionary Grant Programs


  • May 2016 – NCSD Hill Briefing in Support of Stronger Together and MSAP Funds, New NCSD Issue Brief 6: Prioritizing School Integration in ESSA State Implementation Plans, New Report on Increasing Segregation from the Government Accountability Office, New Charter Schools Program Grant Competition


  • April 2016 – School Integration in the 2016 “i3″ Funding Competition!, NCSD Advocating for Stronger Together and Increased Magnet Schools Assistance Program Funds, Struggle and Success in Loudoun County Rezoning, Call for Reviewers: Magnet School Assistance Program Applications, Two NCSD Presentations at Magnet Schools of America’s national conference, “Riding the Wave: The Future is Now”


  • March 2016 – NCSD Support for Maryland Education Development Collaborative, Civil Rights Statement of Support for Robust and Meaningful Federal Regulation and Oversight in ESSA, New Report from New York Appleseed, ERASE Racism in the press


  • February 2016 – Every Student Succeeds Act Becomes Law, Magnet Schools Funding Receive Increase in 2016 Omnibus, Changes to Magnet Schools Assistance Program in ESSA, A New Wave of School Integration, How Racially Diverse Schools and Classrooms Can Benefit All Students


  • November 2015 – New NCSD Research Brief Explores Interdistrict Integration Programs and Regional Equity, NCSD Letter Urges Appropriations Committee to Continue Funding Magnet Schools Assistance Program


  • April 2015 – Milliken, Meredith, and Metropolitan Segregation, A Better Start: Why Classroom Diversity Matters in Early Education, NCSD Welcomes Two New Members, Connecticut School Integration: Moving Forward as the Northeast Retreats, Linking Housing and School Integration Policy: What Federal, State and Local Governments Can Do


  • January 2015 – Socioeconomic Integration Pilot Program in New York State, NCSD’s “Tools for Teachers” Webinar Available Online, Proposals for ESEA Reauthorization Introduced, New Guidance on the Rights of English Learners


  • December 2014 – New website; First NCSD webinar, NYC City Council Takes Action on Segregated Schools; NCSD Members Weigh in on Recent Events in Ferguson, NYC, and Beyond


  • September 2014 – U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) Committee’s report contains important findings and recommendations on school segregation in the US


  • June 2014 – Good Intentions, Limited Impact: The Technical Assistance for Student Assignment Plans Program; Socioeconomic diversity priority to be added to DOE competitive grant programs; Senate Appropriations Subcommittee Says No to RTTT Equity and Opportunity


  • February 2014 – Students Discuss Segregation and Educational Opportunity on Nickelodeon News; Maximizing Walkability, Diversity, and Educational Equity in U.S. Schools; “Segregation in NYC District Elementary Schools and What We Can Do About It” Released by NY Appleseed


  • January 2014 – Administrators Speak Out About Resegregation, Furman Center Launches “The Dream Revisited” Blog, Magnet Schools of America National Conference


  • December 2013 – NYC-Based Education Funders Research Initiative Report Includes Diversity Recommendation, Recent Policy Memo Analyzes Louisiana Voucher/Desegregation Dispute


  • July 2013 – Recent DOE Letter Clarifies Permissible Use of FRL Data in Wake County, NC; James Ryan to Become Next Dean of Harvard’s Graduate School of Education


  • June 2013 – Race to the Top District Competition


  • January 2013 – ONI Profile of Nebraska’s Learning Community, NCSD to DOE: Why Isn’t Diversity Prioritized in Investing in Innovation Funding?, MSAP Funding Notice


  • November 2012 – New NCSD Research Brief on the Benefits of Diversity for White Students; “Do Federally Assisted Households Have Access to High Performing Public Schools?” New from PRRAC; NCSD Welcomes Three New Members


  • September 2012 – Civil Rights Project Reports Deepening Segregation, Challenges Educators and Political Leaders to Develop Positive Policies; Does School Diversity Appear in the Party Platforms?; America’s Racially Diverse Suburbs: Opportunities and Challenges; NCSD Policy Brief: “Federal Support for School Integration: A Status Report”


  • May 2012 – “Advancing the Legacy of Mendez and Brown” Agenda and Registration


  • May 2012 – Update on Advancing the Legacy of Mendez and Brown


  • May 2012 – Feeling energized after last Thursday’s NCSD conference!


  • April 2012 – Register for the NCSD Conference on May 17


  • February 2012 – “The Future of School Integration” Event, NCSD Experts Testify at Minnesota DOE, New NCSD Policy Brief “Reviving Magnet Schools: Strengthening A Successful Choice Option”


  • November 2011 – NCSD Members Issue Statement on Student Assignment in Eden Prairie, MN; National Conference on School Diversity


  • June 2011 – NCSD Members Submit Letter on Student Assignment in Wake County, Parent Organizing and The Challenge for Equity and Access in New York City


  • April/May 2011 – New Manual Seeks to Help Suburban Communities Develop Integration Policies, NCSD Members Participate in Conference on School Closings, NCSD and the Reauthorization of ESEA


  • March 2011 – Updated NCSD Website, NCSD Urges Diversity Preference for Second i(3) Competition, Colbert Show Addresses “Disintegration” in Wake County, Merger in Memphis


Research Network Emails

  • Spring 2013 – Rucker Johnson Joins NCSD’s Research Advisory Panel; “Original Intent: Black Educators in an Elusive Quest for Justice; Upcoming Events in Richmond, VA